Questions & Answers on the NAV Scribe Integrator

There were a few questions that were raised at the NAV Roadshow around Scribes new NAV integrator. Here are the answers!

  1. How does Scribe Insight compare to the integration services that are offered with SQL Server?  Is it used instead of or in conjunction with?  If instead of, what features does Scribe offer that it does not?

Scribe Insight would be used instead of the SQL integration services.  Our adapter is configured to work with both the Native and SQL deployments of Dynamics NAV.  The advantage is that there is no coding required and the application rules and business logic are maintained during translations without having to code for them.

  1. Can Scribe Insight be used to migrate data from older versions of NAV?  Are we able to connect directly to the tables of versions 2 and 3 to pull data out of NAV?

Our adapter will work with Dynamics NAV version 4.0, sp3 or higher to get data into and out of NAV.  If someone wanted to use our product to migrate data out of older versions of NAV they could do so with the SQL Server database but not with the C-Side (or Native) database.  In the SQL server database we could attach directly to the tables to pull the data out.  Then it could be migrated into the target database.

  1. Does Scribe Insight provide an audit trail of what data has been migrated over?

You can configure the Console of Scribe Insight to raise an alert every time an IP fires off, not just for those that have problems or fail.  This would provide an audit trail.  However this is not recommended as it would place an unnecessary demand on system resources.

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