Style Sheet Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Version 1.1 Released

The following issues have been corrected in version 1.1: · If a Header or Footer was specified, the Style Sheet Tool ignored them.  If a long option string was defined for a field, the user received a text overflow error message. · When changing local languages, the Style Sheet tool only looked for a ‘.’…


VPC Skills Builder – Best Practices MS VPC v3.

Here is an updated Virtual PC Best Practices document for optimizing virtual demonstration environments: Updates focus on 5 areas: 1. Updated Section – Hardware recommendations 2. New Section – Utilizing Hardware Virtualization Technology 3. New Tip – Explanation around ExpressCard and External Hard drives that support eSATA (SATAll) 4. New Tip – Disabling unneeded…

Dynamics Mobile & NAV

Quick post to make available some additional resource in advance of the official ramp up of Dynamics Mobile and NAV at the Jan Roadshow and beyond. Here is a link to a presentation that i attended last week with some useful background information, timelines etc. Phil Newman

Microsoft Dynamics™ Mobile 2008 – PRE-RELEASE of Framework Components

More on this at the Jan NAV Roadshow… “This is a pre-release of the Framework Components of the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Development Tools 2008. The product has limited usage, please read the End User License Agreement carefully. Mobile Development Tools – Framework Components is set of tools and components for developing and implementing mobile business…

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.0

A very interesting whitepaper has been released on Partnersource: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 6.0. It describes in detail the changed in Dynamics-NAV 6.0: Architectural changes from a two- to a three-tier architecture, including a discussion of the new RoleTailored client and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server with Web services support. Development improvements and benefits…

MS SQL for MS Nav Partners

We have a great new SQL for NAV course running on Feb 26 – 29 2008. The agenda is just what a lot of the NAV partners have been asking for. If you are interested book up fast as spaces are filling up rapidly. Summary:The Microsoft Dynamics NAV paradigm shift of introducing the role based…


Microsoft Business Intelligence Bootcamp Series:

Attend this upcoming series of live web seminars and find out how you can help organizations quickly, effectively, and economically get access to, analyze, report on, and share the information they need to achieve corporate objectives. In this series you will learn how Microsoft Business Intelligence—a complete, fully integrated set of BI technologies, can help…


ERP Sure Step Classes CY08

Hello Everyone As requested by lots of you out there here are the details for the ERP Sure Step classes planned for next year with links to more details and registration. ERP – Feb 28th ERP April 24th Phil Newman


New NAV VPC is released!

About time! Here is the link to the New NAV VPC. Am downloading it myself so haven’t had a chance to take a look at it yet. Should have MOSS ready to go though. You need to choose the W1 VPC V2 in the top right corner of the page. The bad news is that…


Convergence De-Brief Doc

Link to a great summary of convergence highlights across all Dynamics products.