The Copenhagen Airlift – Day One

Hi everyone, Jeremy and I are spending a few days in Copenhagen getting the first training on Version 5 and 5.1 of NAV. Here are some initial thoughts from yesterday.


In the general session we had an update from Mogens Elsberg about the continuing success of the application worldwide, both in our closing FY06 numbers and after the first quarter of FY07. Overall it looks as though we are out performing the market by between 3 and 5 times, depending on who’s measure you take. In FY06 NAV added a massive 7500 customers worldwide, more than double our nearest global competitor


Mogens also outlined the priorities for the business moving forward, viz:


Business Intelligence

Hub & Spoke

Vertical/ Horizontal Acceleration

Value of Upgrade

Small Biz



MS CRM integration

Office 2007 integration


Much of the rest of the day was spent looking at the great new features and functions of 5.0 and 5.1. From document approvals, through jobs, costing, item tracking, service order handling etc etc etc  - there’s gong to be a lot to learn in 5.0. And of course much more on 5.1


Talking of the latter, we of course saw some of the screens that will be delivered to partners in the Technical Preview next spring. Some amazing integration with Windows Live Local for logistics planning.


More from today’s sessions, tomorrow – we’ve just seen some stuff presented to Bill G yesterday on the next iteration of the UI and even he asked if it was real or not!


Of course it is great to get excited about future technologies, but it is also reassuring that we are seeing the fruits of the R&D effort and will be soon able to show this to customers.



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