Building an Azure Event Grid app. Part 5: CI and pushing to DockerHub with VSTS

In this part of the series I’d like to make sure that whenever I change the code for my Event Grid publishing app a new Docker image is built and then pushed to my container repository automatically. My flow is therefore: Edit code in Visual Studio Code Commit and push the changes to GitHub Trigger…


Do more with Microsoft Azure

There are a series of webinars covering Azure solution and business scenarios, which you can Register for now.  Wayne and Giles from our team are presenting on some of these. Go go to this link to see more and register:     The recordings will be made available after the sessions.


Azure DevOps: Use VSTS conditions to control build or release flow

I was asked recently about how to use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) conditions to run different tasks dependent on the outcome of previous tasks (effectively branch the behaviour in a release). The scenario was: Perform a series of release tasks. Validate the release using a manual intervention task. If the manual intervention was rejected…


Azure DevOps: automate App Service slot swaps in your VSTS release pipeline

Choosing Azure App Services to host a web application means that you are using a managed platform and therefore have less responsibilities (such as OS updates and patching). Another specific feature that can be extremely useful is slots. Slots allow you to deploy your application to a separate live app service, warm it up and…