Azure Log Analytics: Disk Space Usage ; Part 3

Azure Log Analytics: Disk Space Usage ; Part 3 Category    Log Analytics Syntax v2 ; OMS Syntax As promised here is Part 3 Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: this post In this post we’ll look at Trends and doing an estimate. My query now looks like the one further down this article (see…


Azure Log Analytics: Disk Space Usage – Part 2

  My previous post on this topic is one of the most viewed (according to our blog analytics in the last week).   So I thought it was time to share some extra queries that you many find helpful. Please see the previous post, Part 1: Part3: The original query I produced was this: //…


Azure Log Analytics: Queries, Are you looking for a pattern? RegEx

RegEx is a common way of finding data .  It was helpful recently when Jon needed a small bit of help (he says more blogs will follow – the first post is quite cryptic). Basically what was needed was to only show the UserNames that started with A thru E and maybe a few other…


Do more with Microsoft Azure

There are a series of webinars covering Azure solution and business scenarios, which you can Register for now.  Wayne and Giles from our team are presenting on some of these. Go go to this link to see more and register:     The recordings will be made available after the sessions.


Linux Containers on Windows (LCOW)

Until recently, when developing on a Windows 10 machine, one needed to toggle between developing Windows Containers and Linux Containers. When using Linux Containers, it made use of a Moby Linux VM running on Hyper-V. But many developers have been wanting to run any container, Windows or Linux, on the same machine. Now with Docker…


Azure Log Analytics: Queries, Has the Hostname been changed?

The question was asked, how do you find a Computer using Log Analytics that has had its name changed? Normally you would find an EventID that contains this by doing a web search or by looking in Eventvwr after trying a name change yourself on a test server.   Both methods said that EventID 6011 should…


Running your DVWA on Azure AKS

Azure Container Service (AKS) – Running a Damn Vulnerable Web Application on AKS This is a follow up from a previous post , where you can set up a Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA from now on) to test Azure WAF to protect your Web Application Now, we will run the DVWA within a container using…