Azure Log Analytics: Service Level Agreement (SLA) part 2

My post yesterday got a little long so, I’ve done a part2 to show how else you might group your solutions. Part1: Here is the new query, I kept it simple so removed the JOIN and links to Perf and Memory that were shown in Part 1. let start_time =startofday(ago(7d)); let end_time =startofday(now()); //…


Azure Log Analytics: Service Level Agreement (SLA) part 1

This week there was a good discussion on how to show an SLA view in Log Analytics, which was similar to a feature in System Center Operations Manager, the output and query I’m sure will be useful for others. Basically what was required was an SLA view of a service, where the service was made…


Azure Log Analytics: A little more on Parse and Print

**** this post was restored, as the original was deleted by mistake **** In my last post I wrote about Print and Let – which reminded me of some work I did to manipulate some text recently (it also used a Print operator, which was the thing that reminded me). The raw data was this…


Azure Log Analytics: A little more about Usage

  In post and post we’ve spoken about Usage but its a topic that comes up a lot. I have a two step process, to identify the culprits if high usage is experienced.  I’ll also talk about planning later…and especially the recommendation to Alert on Usage! Log Analytics shows Usage in two main places 1….


Azure Log Analytics: Do you need some demo data?

This article (as a test) was also published to my LinkedIn feed   Sometimes you need some demo data to work with, here are two methods: Use the Print operator to create some In its basic use, you can use Print to display some text e.g. print “this is a test” – which looks like:…


A decision tree for Azure Networking

Whether you are planning to use Express Route or VPN tunnels to connect your data centers to Azure, and you want to use a co-location provider in your region to reach Azure or extend your MPLS network to Microsoft. Are you also thinking what is the optimal route to connect your regions? These are the…


Building an Azure Event Grid app. Part 5: CI and pushing to DockerHub with VSTS

In this part of the series I’d like to make sure that whenever I change the code for my Event Grid publishing app a new Docker image is built and then pushed to my container repository automatically. My flow is therefore: Edit code in Visual Studio Code Commit and push the changes to GitHub Trigger…