Modern Service Management in the Cloud

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I'm Gavin Kemp the shy and retiring member of the UK cloud infrastructure team. Helping customers to the cloud is my number 1 priority but also making them feel comfortable with the cloud is as equally important. My approach has been to genrally describe it as a co-lo datacenter that's a little bit too far to drive too but the roles and responsibilities of the teams are largely similar. Networky people still do networky things they just can't go and stroke their cisco 2800's, business  continuity people still care about backups etc.

To support this last week the "Cloud Infrastructure Management Solution Team" published a video on channel 9 along with a white paper on Modern Service Management in the Cloud. Now I know ITIL is not the most glamourous subject in the world but efficient process should be seen as an enabler rather than something you just have to do! Also a lot of us have grown up with change/incident so carrying forward into the cloud helps the business stay comfortable that they are maintaing control but allowing the adoption new styles of IT. Now that said any move does provide an opportunity to enhance and improve so with cloud migrations ramping up this is a great resource to help. The video and white paper is aimed informing how service management needs to evolve.

See below extract and links:-

As a result of feedback from S4 in 2016, the C&E Management team asked if a document with guidance could be created to assist our Customers and Partner on how to better manage and operate Azure. C&E Leadership team approach the Cloud Infrastructure and Management team to create this effort. Kathleen Wilson and Alex Lee lead a team people to create the Modern Service Management Whitepaper. In December we shipped the first version internally and we are pleased to announce a new version is publicly available, as well as an introductory video on what is Modern Service Management.

Modern Service Management on Channel 9:


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