Network Management Webinars for education – coming up this month

We’ve had about 300 attendees so far for the first three webinars for educational network and IT managers, and we’ve got five more coming up on System Center for network management. Here’s the next ones in the System Center series of webinars: System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) lets you…


Saving money by saving power – how Microsoft IT rolled out desktop power management

You may be interested to read how we’ve rolled out power saving settings within Microsoft (and if you think your lecturers are hard to please with technology, imagine what it’s like providing IT services for 100,000+ IT geeks). Our IT team at Microsoft have recently implemented a worldwide power management strategy across 165,000 desktop and…


Upcoming Live Meetings – System Center in Education

After the success of the last few Live Meetings, with over 100 attendees at each, the ‘System Center in Education’ series Continues with a closer look at each of the products and what they mean to Education Customers. They have been scheduled as a series in advance, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, at 10:30, until…


Saving money by effective power management

One of the hidden costs of ICT in education is the power usage of the equipment you’ve got around your campus. I call it hidden because it is often not visible to the IT team, and the full energy costs of all of your servers and computers are simply part of the university’s overall electric…


Microsoft Scotland 2010 Higher Education Briefing

Bookings are now open for our Scotland Higher Education Briefing day, on 9th June in Edinburgh. Microsoft will be holding our Scottish 2010 Higher Education Briefing on 9th June 2010 at our Edinburgh offices . The agenda for the event runs from 10:00 to 4:45 with breaks to catch up with colleagues from other universities….


Virtualisation on Tour – November to January

Between November and January, we’re running a free “Virtualisation Unplugged” roadshow – 9 events, 7 cities, 420 PowerPoint slides (only joking…I think) There’s a lot of interest in virtualisation from universities at the moment, because of both the technical flexibility it can give, and especially because of the potential energy & cost savings it can…


Live Meeting: System Center 2007 – Making IT management easier

I know it’s half-term/study/reading week next week for most of us, but just in case you’re thinking of catching up on some of the things you don’t get round to in term time, this Live Meeting could show you a way to change that. (It’s bliss isn’t it, when the corridors go quiet?) Happening at…