The Ultimate Steal student offer – marketing materials for students

Yesterday, I wrote about the Ultimate Steal offer, and the two key reasons to mention it to students before June (the price goes up with Office 2010, but if they buy now they get a no-cost upgrade to Office 2010 as part of our Tech Guarantee programme). UK students have some of the highest rates…


Office 2010 for students – via the Ultimate Steal

Each year we run a special offer (called The Ultimate Steal) on Microsoft Office, only for Higher & Further education students and staff who have a email address. It allows them to buy the software directly from Microsoft, and make a big saving on the equivalent retail price. As we get closer to the…


The Ultimate Steal – Office 2007 which magically turns into Office 2010

Hopefully, you already know about The Ultimate Steal, which is our special student offer on Office 2007. It allows your students to buy Office 2007 Ultimate for just £38.95. And because it is the Ultimate edition, they will get absolutely the whole Office suite in one neat package*. So students can complete their work quicker,…


Website hosting for students for a pound a month

Students get lots of offers all of the time – but many of those are based on ‘lifestyle’ things – food, drinks, trips. So I thought it was worth sharing this news – that we’ve put together an offer for your students that could well set them up for their careers. With we’ve put…


Special Student Deals on Office and Windows

You know what it’s like – you have a brilliant plan, and then something gets in the way. And this term, we’d hatched a brilliant plan to launch our Ultimate Steal offer on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which is why we went with a nice Piratey theme for the launch. Oh, how…


The Ultimate student offer ends soon

You probably have heard about the Ultimate Steal before. It’s the offer where students with a email address can buy a copy of Office 2007 Ultimate edition, for £38.95 UK students have some of the highest rates of usage of Microsoft Office in the world, and also one of the highest rates of ‘mis-licensing’….


Getting a new computer at Christmas

Santa Claus is coming – and this year he’s going to have to cope with the credit crunch! There will still be loads of PCs bought this Christmas, and given the offers by retailers at the moment, there will be some great deals around. It might be a good time to remind your students &…


The Ultimate Steal Q & A

I’ve had a few questions recently about the Ultimate Steal promotion – where students & staff with a “” email address can buy Office 2007 Ultimate for £38.95 for home use. Working on the assumption that other people are interested in the same questions, here’s my answers to the Ultimate Steal Frequently Asked Questions: What’s…


Ultimate Steal – Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man

  Whoops – when I wrote about the Ultimate Steal (Office 2007 Ultimate Edition for £38.95, only for students) I said it was open to all UK students who have a email address (and staff too). Of course, I’d forgotten something – we have also added Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man students and…


Ultimate Steal offer for OU students

When I wrote about the Ultimate Steal, I said it was for university students and staff with a email address. There’s also a requirement that if you’re a Higher Education student, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate level course. And although that was straightforward for most students, it turned out to…