Unlimited OneDrive storage now available for free to all Office 365 subscribers

Following last week’s blog post detailing the new version of Outlook for Mac, we have more good news for teachers and students using Office 365. OneDrive and OneDrive for Business now offer unlimited storage, which comes at no additional cost to Office 365 subscribers. At school, college or university? Click here to find out how to…

SkyDrive – 5GB of free storage

I like SkyDrive. Before it was invented, I used to have to load any files I wanted to share onto an FTP site somewhere, and then write clunky links to them. Now, I just drag my files onto my SkyDrive, and then provide a nice graphical link to them, like this: But up until now,…


IT Forum: Virtualisation – it’s no longer about virtualisation

“The value in virtualisation technology moving forward will be in the management and the operating system rather than in the virtualisation stack.” I attended an interesting session at IT Forum today from Guillaume Field, from Dell.  He started the session off by saying something along the lines of “you are all buying way too many…


When data goes bad…a student study

We’ve been doing a lot of work with students recently, and from that I’ve learnt quite a bit about their ICT habits. Two years ago universities reported that three-quarters of students turn up with their own PC, with some reporting that 99% of students do. Judging on the research panels we’ve held recently, that number…


What can you do with a 2GB inbox?

I’m now quite comfortable with the thought of a 2GB inbox in the sky.  In fact, I’ve now had this for quite some time but I’ve always been thinking about how on earth I’ll ever get anywhere like close to filling it up and it’s always been languishing in the single digit percent of utilisation….


Online file storage – Windows Live SkyDrive

500MB of free online storage that can be private, shared or public. This has been coming for a little while, and then when it arrived, it was initially only for users in the US. But now, it has been activated for customers in the UK. And this has some really useful applications in education. SkyDrive…