Start the term with new Office academic templates

Am I the only one who gets bored with a document format after a few months, and then wants a completely different design? That PowerPoint that looked so smart last year looks a bit clichéd this term. A document which looked professional when you first published it, doesn’t look quite so good when it comes…


The Ultimate Steal – Office 2007 which magically turns into Office 2010

Hopefully, you already know about The Ultimate Steal, which is our special student offer on Office 2007. It allows your students to buy Office 2007 Ultimate for just £38.95. And because it is the Ultimate edition, they will get absolutely the whole Office suite in one neat package*. So students can complete their work quicker,…


Ribbon Hero – combining games and learning

It seems that one of the trendy topics discussed at education conferences these days is the combination of gaming and learning. Most of the time, it’s discussed in the context of the classroom or of students, but I’ve just learnt that we’ve now applied it to product training, in one of our experimental Office Labs…


Special Student Deals on Office and Windows

You know what it’s like – you have a brilliant plan, and then something gets in the way. And this term, we’d hatched a brilliant plan to launch our Ultimate Steal offer on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which is why we went with a nice Piratey theme for the launch. Oh, how…


The Ultimate student offer ends soon

You probably have heard about the Ultimate Steal before. It’s the offer where students with a email address can buy a copy of Office 2007 Ultimate edition, for £38.95 UK students have some of the highest rates of usage of Microsoft Office in the world, and also one of the highest rates of ‘mis-licensing’….


Lowest cost Office 2007 – Bulk order under Home Use Programme for staff

This could be part of a “things you wish you’d heard about earlier…” series. If you’re working within a UK university, then it’s almost guaranteed that your university has signed a Microsoft Campus Agreement, and that this applies to YOU! The deal, in a nutshell, is that you can place a bulk order, on behalf…


Getting a new computer at Christmas

Santa Claus is coming – and this year he’s going to have to cope with the credit crunch! There will still be loads of PCs bought this Christmas, and given the offers by retailers at the moment, there will be some great deals around. It might be a good time to remind your students &…


Update on the Ultimate Steal

For most universities, students have been back several weeks but when I was at Oxford last week for the launch of their Groupware project they reminded me that it was their first week of the academic year.  So, they might have missed some of the on going dialogue the rest of us have been enjoying…


The Ultimate Steal Q & A

I’ve had a few questions recently about the Ultimate Steal promotion – where students & staff with a “” email address can buy Office 2007 Ultimate for £38.95 for home use. Working on the assumption that other people are interested in the same questions, here’s my answers to the Ultimate Steal Frequently Asked Questions: What’s…


Back to school – maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at Powerpoint with pptPlex

I’ve been playing around with a new Office add-in for several months now.  pptPlex introduces a fresh look at how Powerpoint can be used for presentations and teaching.  Have you ever been frustrated with the typical linear format of a powerpoint presentation?  Would it be useful to think of your content as being on a…