System Center for education – webinar recordings from end of November

At the end of November, Rich Lane the resident techie of the education team ran a couple of webinars. If you want to have a listen in, you can view the recordings below. Secrets of successful desktop virtualisation: The Optimised Desktop VDI is a hot topic at the moment but what actually is it? When…


Microsoft Education White Paper – Baby steps into the Cloud

Gerald Haigh, an education writer and journalist, has close contacts within many education establishments. It was because of this that we asked him to interview a wide group of people about the use of Cloud services in education, which meant understanding what’s going on today, as well as what the future might look like. The…


Free Microsoft ebooks

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the free Virtualisation ebook. I’m still working my way through it on my Kindle – I’ve got to page 156 of 480, and am currently in the detail of desktop virtualisation. It’s been really useful to help me understand some of the technical things I’d never understood about…


New links for the slides from the Microsoft Higher Education Briefing 2010

My humble apologies – yesterday’s links for the presentations were all duff! (I think it’s because I used me extra-special-secret-SkyDrive account). They are now all corrected – so you can now download all of the presentations from the Microsoft Higher Education Briefing, held in Reading yesterday, from this page.


Slides from the Microsoft Higher Education Briefing 2010

We held our annual briefing for UK Higher Education institutions today. We had an interesting mix of presentations, including universities sharing their experiences, plenty of technology sessions, and a great session from Dave Coplin on the shape of the future workplace – and it’s implications for your IT systems. if you were unable to get…


Your complete guide to virtualisation as a free download

Let me make it absolutely clear – I am not a virtualisation expert. But I have heard enough network managers in schools, colleges and universities talking about their virtualisation projects to know that it’s very important to their ICT infrastructure – whether that’s reducing cost, cutting carbon emissions, managing their workload, or improving their network…


Do you want to download Windows 7 in Welsh?

Did you know that we run a worldwide ‘local language programme’ which provides language packs for a range of our software? And that if you’re in Wales, you can use them to run Windows and Office in Welsh natively? Welsh is one of Europe’s oldest languages, and is growing, with over half a million speakers,…


Start the term with new Office academic templates

Am I the only one who gets bored with a document format after a few months, and then wants a completely different design? That PowerPoint that looked so smart last year looks a bit clichéd this term. A document which looked professional when you first published it, doesn’t look quite so good when it comes…


A free tool for creating SCORM learning materials for remote learning

Have you heard of the free Microsoft Learning Content Development System? We’ve just updated it to version 2.5, which now supports more complex content, and is Firefox and Silverlight 4 compatible. It is a free tool that lets you create high-quality, interactive, online courses, and publish them in SCORM 1.2 packages (exactly what your Learning…


Windows 7 deployment advice for university IT managers

Sometimes we publish so much information on a subject, in so many different places, that it’s tricky to find the wood from the trees – and that problem is as big for me as it is for people outside of Microsoft. So I’m always happy to find a resource where somebody applies an editorial approach…