The customisable ribbon in Excel (Office 2010)

This is a master stroke. Everyone uses Word, Excel, et al in their own way. Some barely touch the commands, but may dip in and out of the most advanced functions in the programs – the kind of things that wouldn’t make it in to the tabs, but are vital to the way you work….


So what exactly are the Microsoft team showing off at BETT 2012?

I can honestly say that the last couple of months has kept me extremely busy with organising the Microsoft stand at BETT 2012! With everything from staff, to entertainment, to presenters and presentations, demo kit right the way through to the colour of the polo shirts (dark blue as apparently Steve Beswick doesn’t suit pink…)…


Announcing two new accessibility add-in’s for Microsoft Office 2010

The Office Platform Team released two new Microsoft Office 2010 Accessibility Add-ins on March 17th. While comparatively small add-ins, they enable big things! Try them yourself by downloading via the below links. The Subtitling Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint (STAMP)helps Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 users add closed captions to the video and audio files included in their…


Free Microsoft ebooks

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the free Virtualisation ebook. I’m still working my way through it on my Kindle – I’ve got to page 156 of 480, and am currently in the detail of desktop virtualisation. It’s been really useful to help me understand some of the technical things I’d never understood about…


The TechNet Springboard Tour – free event in Reading on 1st November

The Microsoft Springboard team, based at our headquarters in Seattle, create really good content on TechNet to help you to understand and deploy our latest technologies. In a way, they are a IT manager’s best friend, because they provide useful web guides that provide step-by-step processes for things like Windows 7 deployment. At last, they’re…


Start the term with new Office academic templates

Am I the only one who gets bored with a document format after a few months, and then wants a completely different design? That PowerPoint that looked so smart last year looks a bit clichéd this term. A document which looked professional when you first published it, doesn’t look quite so good when it comes…


Live Meeting–What’s new in Office 2010 for students and teachers

Following on from the Deploying Windows 7 Live Meeting last month, Richard Lane (who’s our resident techie in the Education team) is hosting a pair of Office 2010 Live Meetings in July. As it is a Live Meeting (webinar), you don’t need to leave your desk, and no travel is needed – you can simply…


Planning migration to Office 2010

This year, we’re on schedule to launch almost one new product every week. Of course, if you like discovering new technology, then that’s a good thing. But if you’re managing a big network of computers for other people – which is most of you reading this blog – then it also comes with challenges! But…


Have you booked for the Scotland 2010 Higher Education Briefing on 9th June?

The line up of speakers for the Microsoft Scotland 2010 Higher Education Briefing on 9th June includes some great speakers. Of course, Steven Grier, our Scottish Education Business Manager will be compere for the day, and he’ll be joined by: The University of Aberdeen, who have confirmed that they will talk about Office Communication Server…


Microsoft Scotland 2010 Higher Education Briefing

Bookings are now open for our Scotland Higher Education Briefing day, on 9th June in Edinburgh. Microsoft will be holding our Scottish 2010 Higher Education Briefing on 9th June 2010 at our Edinburgh offices . The agenda for the event runs from 10:00 to 4:45 with breaks to catch up with colleagues from other universities….