Cloud, collaboration and big data at CISG16

Recently we attended the annual CISG-PCMG conference at the Grand Hotel in Brighton. The amazing sea front location served as a perfect setting for much discussion and collaboration surrounding improved infrastructure for our educational institutions.

University leaders have had to continually face competing and conflicting challenges. Competition for places continues to increase, financial pressures are growing and there is a need to evidence the impact of change and the quality of provision. The result is that there is growing emphasis on the importance of data – to underpin decision making, to support the student body, to support operations and to demonstrate improvement and compliance.


Through a variety of seminars and workshops, the conference highlighting the collaboration efforts that professional communities are involved in that are help shaping change in our educational organisations, making an impact today. All sessions and delegates provided a unique insight into changes affecting their organisations and how their IT infrastructure was instrumental in overcoming hurdles when moving to the cloud and handling ever growing complex data requirements.

University showcases provided real life examples of HE system change initiatives. This provided a great opportunity to consult and network with our customers and partners, supported by a host of vendors providing solutions and experiences assisting institutions on their digital journeys.

Free webinar - Azure in Education

After speaking with staff from a range of universities from up and down the country, it became clear that many institutions were in the process of moving to more complex cloud infrastructures, moving away from just traditional storage needs, and focusing more on creating a platform of services and applications.

Microsoft is hosting a free webinar on Cloud and Azure, and how it can help to optimise your institutions. Hosted by Mark McManus - our Cloud Business Development Manager; the session will look at how Azure has helped to transform organisations, improve collaboration and handle student data responsibly.

The Cloud is proving to be one of the most transformative changes in computing in years. However, the conversation around cloud adoption has moved from if to when and how. This session will focus on how cloud services have increased revenue opportunity, improved service delivery and enhanced innovation and creativity through greater collaboration.

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[The webinar will also be recorded and made available On-Demand for those who cannot join the live session].

The Future of Learning: HoloLens

Returning our focus to CISG16, delegates had what for most of them will have been their first glimpse at mixed-reality though Microsoft HoloLens, and the new health training applications on the device. We got to show off the latest educational application that can be used in universities to assist with learning and increase collaboration between students and teachers.


This generated great discussion around augmented, mixed and virtual reality devices being used in the classroom, and it was fantastic to see how many HE institutions were already putting together businesses cases for their implementation.

Learn more about the HoloLens here

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