Surface Pro 4 supporting teaching and learning at the University of Central Lancashire

By the time students reach university, they will be developing into increasingly independent people, finding their own ways of studying, working together, and forging their own learning paths. In order for this generation of students to reach their fullest potential, their learning environments need to reflect the way they communicate and go about their day-to-day lives.

Technology plays a central role in the way all of us live our lives, so it's important that universities are able to get the right balance of hardware, platforms and services for their staff and students to use, in order that they can work efficiently and collaboratively at whatever time and from whichever place suits them best.uclanLOGO


In the following video, we see how the University of Central Lancashire addresses student and staff expectations as part of delivering a huge variety of academic opportunities, and the role that the Surface Pro 4, Windows 10 and Office 365, can play when embedded into that teaching and learning experience.

Speaking of the holistic approach, James Crooks - Director of Learning and Information Services at UCLAN - added:

“At UCLan we aim to provide high quality teaching and learning environments that support active collaborative and cooperative learning. As one of the biggest Universities in the UK we have a very diverse portfolio with a wide range of different academic disciplines, so finding a way to support modern academic practices is a real challenge.

Through a combination of Surface, Windows 10, and Office 365 we feel we have found the ideal digital technology platform which academic staff can confidently use to engage and interact with students, perform assessment and feedback, and undertake research. Empowered by the flexibility and mobility the Surface provides, our academic staff can also do this wherever they are, with seamless access to their University resources whenever they need them.”

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