Surface Book in action: Blackbullion – managing student finances

All young people will have different aims and ambitions that they wish to fulfil in their future, whether they be career aspirations, buying their own home, starting a family, traveling the world or even launching their own business. However, one of the most restrictive factors upon these life goals is the level of debt facing both UK and international students.

Vivi Friedgut is the Founder of Blackbullion, a company that works to help students get to grips with their financial futures and empower them with the knowledge to improve their financial future. In Vivi’s own words:

“[Blackbullion] is a financial education company working with universities and colleges and schools, to help young people get smarter about their money. We are hoping to provide them with the knowledge and the skills, and the tools that they need, in order to create the life that they want… We believe that what we do is absolutely crucial to people’s success in life.”

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In order to have the desired impact that Blackbullion aims to achieve, Vivi needs to be well-connected, creative, efficient and mobile in everything she does and so needs a device to reflect that, such as the Microsoft Surface Book.

How does the Surface Book help Vivi to achieve her goal of helping students?

Education and technology are both changing at an exponential rate, meaning that Vivi and so many others are challenged with the task of finding a device which suits their needs, without requiring a great deal of technological background and experience with advanced technology.

“The world is moving so incredibly quickly, especially with technology, that staying on top of it can be quite challenging,” says Vivi, “I don’t come from a technology background, so the rapid rate of the changes is, is quite jolting.”

In the video below, we see how the Microsoft Surface Book is making Vivi’s life on the go that much easier:

For many students, having to present to their lecturers and course mates will be a regular feature of their degree course. And as is often the way, you suddenly release on the way to your presentation that there is a key element you’ve forgotten to include or a lightning bolt of inspiration strikes.

“When doing presentations, no matter how prepared you are, you always, always get a burst of inspiration before you arrive at your destination. So the ability to make last minute changes or to make last minute additions, is key to being able to knock it out of the park in the meeting.”

For Vivi, the Surface Book is a companion to her creativity – and the pen makes this process even more fluid and creative:

“It’s often easier to scribble ideas down really quickly than to pull out a computer and wait for it to boot up before typing. So the ability to yank out the Surface book in its tablet mode and just do a quick scribble, is, for me, really, really helpful – and then allows me to expound on those ideas in my own time.”

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