Looking back to move forward: A process for whole-school transformation

The following post originally appeared on the global Microsoft in Education blog.

Today’s schools are faced with extraordinary challenges and opportunities. Chief among these opportunities is the chance to rethink and reinvent education to support our most valuable asset: our youth.

Navigating the ever-changing world of school transformation, with the goal of improvement, requires understanding what must change and perhaps even more critically, how to best implement change.

As part of Microsoft’s mission to empower every educator and every student to achieve more, we have outlined both a framework and process to effectively help school leaders create whole school transformation. The Microsoft Education Transformation Process is a proven, comprehensive process that can help fast track system-wide transformation by summarizing decades of quality research.

The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework

The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework identifies ten critical components of transformation to plan and implement change, and is supported by a comprehensive reference library of research findings, case studies and best practice examples.

Microsoft has worked with leading academics to developed a series of whitepapers which show examples of successful transformation and how technology can enable progress under two broad areas: Leadership and policy and 21st century pedagogy. You can use these white papers to define your scope and open a discussion with stakeholder.

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The Microsoft School Transformation Process

Schools are dynamic hot-houses of innovation, with many activities occurring simultaneously.

Many educators learn best from experiencing new approaches, new technologies and new ways of thinking. But without the opportunity to reflect on the experience, consider improvements, and challenge perceptions, it can be hard to remain focused.

This is where The Microsoft Education Transformation Process comes into play. You can use it as a guide for yourself, with another colleague, or with a team you are coaching. The stages of the Transformation Process are:

  1. Introspection
  2. Inquiry
  3. Inclusion
  4. Innovation
  5. Implementation
  6. Insight

Get started today: Take the Microsoft Self Reflection Survey

The first step on the road to transformation is simple: take this quick, free survey aligned with the Microsoft Transformation Framework elements of Curriculum and Assessment, Leadership Capacity and Innovation, Capacity building, and Learning Environments.

This tool will generate a report and indicate if your school may benefit from becoming part of the Microsoft Showcase School program.

Even better, with this self-reflection information, you have just started the Introspection Phase of the Transformation Process, and will have access to helpful Microsoft Education Transformation Framework resources.

Start today. It’s easy, confidential, and it’s the first step in beginning the process of transformation.

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