Dissertation students – these PowerPoint tips will help you nail your presentation


PowerPoint is part of Office 365, which is available to students at no cost through their university. Click here to check eligibility and to download onto multiple devices. The collaborative power of Office 365 makes PowerPoint the perfect tool for group presentations as well as individual work.

The Dissertation Presentation

It's the time of year that final year students both long for and dread in equal measures - handing in the dissertation.

Late nights. Early mornings. Word counts. Bibliographies. References. Research. Falling asleep in the library. Worrying levels of caffeinated beverage consumption. Self-doubt. Waking up in a cold sweat. Re-reads. Revisions. Second drafts. Third drafts. Fourth drafts? And then finally… FREEDOM! Handing in the dissertation is possibly the most liberating feeling a final year student will have so far experienced in the entirety of his or her twenty-something years of existence.

The nightmare is finally over! Well, not quite… You may well have to deliver a presentation on the blasted thing.

presentation tips

Having dedicated so much of your time and gone to such great lengths to deliver thousands of words on your chosen topic, it would be a shame to tarnish the project and drag the overall grade down by delivering a substandard or presentation in front of your tutor and possibly fellow students. Moreover, many employers will require candidates to deliver a presentation as part of the interview process - so having to present on your dissertation is as much about honing this skill in preparation for entering the jobs market, as it is about demonstrating to your tutor that you fully understand the material.

The good, the bad and the ugly

PowerPoint is an application that is synonymous with presentations. However it is often unfairly accompanied by a groan of resignation, as classrooms full of students or conference attendees regularly feel a sense of foreboding at the prospect of yet another 'death by PowerPoint' session. In some cases, a presenter my drone on over a series of very unimaginative slides, and in others they may try to cram too much in and use all the effects… Neither of which will help convey your messages. But, with a little thought and consideration, you can create something truly engaging and memorable that will keep your audience's attention, and help you deliver the necessary information with impact and style.

To help you craft the perfect presentation, we're pleased to share a four-part webinar series from Eyeful Presentations that will help to take your presentations to a whole new level of quality and impact.

Below you will find a video playlist containing all four webinars, covering:

  • How to avoid the most common presentation fails
  • How to get a deep understanding of your audience
  • How to use storytelling to connect with your audience
  • How to nail your presentation delivery

Additional resources

The blog post How to Create Powerful Presentations contains a number of additional resources to help you create and deliver the best possible presentation, including the following Sway that offers advice based on how long you have to prepare before you have to deliver your presentation:


So whether you're presenting on your dissertation, for an interview, or for that first client meeting after you've landed that dream job, be sure to brush up on your skills with these handy webinars.

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