Office 365 at Westminster Adult Education Service

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Office 365 is available to students and teachers at no cost through their academic institution’s existing Microsoft Education Subscription. You can check your eligibility at


No matter what age you are, people learn at all times throughout their lives. Learning is a never ending process which the Westminster Adult Education Service facilitates for the 12,000 students it teaches. The specialist education provider offer full and part time study, accessible for all, as lessons are on offer in the daytime, evenings and weekends for adults in the Westminster area.

The issue that WAES faced was their out of date Office 2007 package did not meet the needs of their students. It was important for the education provider to upgrade and work on the latest version of Office so students are confident in transitioning from a learning environment to a working environment and being familiar with the tools in everyday use. It was not ideal for students to be working with an earlier version of Office that was a version or two behind that of their potential employers.

  • Access to 1TB of cloud storage for every user
  • 50GB online mailbox
  • Multi device and cross-platform support
  • Always working with the latest version of Office

What's more, the Office 365 Education has been a particularly significant benefit to WAES, as they work with adults from different social economic backgrounds, some of which may not be able to invest in their own copies of Office software. Through moving to Office 365 Education, WAES has been able to support the consistent learning of all their students, enabling them to download Office 365 at no cost on up to five different devices including Apple and Android platforms, as well as affording them the ability to access Office online.

Overall, Westminster Adult Education Service is a prime example of how an education organisation has upgraded to Office 365 to improve the learning experience of their students and facilitating anytime anywhere learning.

To learn more about WAED's story, click here.

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