Student Survival Tips from Cortana

As students all over the country are returning to college and university, the pressures upon self-reliance and organisation will be slowly but surely cranking up as the work continues to flow steadily their way, and deadlines that seemed far away begin to loom ever closer on the horizon. For older students, particularly those in Higher Education, there are also increasing demands made of their personal time for a range of academic, social and community driven commitments.


We could all do with a helping hand to keep track of our time and to manage our tasks, and with Windows 10 we have Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, designed to help you quickly manage your life and easily get things done on your Windows 10 PC, tablet and phone.

With a Windows phone, Cortana is always on hand to make sure you get through your day. There are plenty of different ways in which Cortana can aid you on daily basis, and you'll undoubtedly find many of your own uses for her, but to help you get started with your next personal digital assistant, here's a blog post from the Windows Team suggesting a number of College Survival Tips.


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