The Sway Way – Microsoft Sway Video Tutorials (2/10)

Earlier this week we posted the first in a series of Sway tutorials from the Office Videos YouTube Channel, which took a general look at what Sway is. Now through the second tutorial can continue to explore how this free app can be used to channel creativity and content in the best way for students and teachers alike.

Creating interesting and visually engaging content often requires manual formatting and reworking tools which can sometimes be as time consuming as the good old fashioned paper, scissors and glue. Using these tools makes it extremely difficult to ensure design changes are applied consistently, where content loses intent and you lose what matters to you.


The Sway Way helps eliminate these issues by allowing you to get great looking content across a multitude of devices, whilst making sure that what's important is not misted by design distractions or confusing appearance. This tutorial explores the Sway storyline, preview and final viewing features, demonstrating how you can capture your intent through the concepts of emphasis, accent, and groups. It also shows how can use the Remix button to simplify the design and visuals of your content, allowing you to find a theme to best suit the subject area you are covering.

Within Sway, you can use the Storyline to build your content in a clear a simple way which conveys the story that you are looking to tell. The use of emphasis tools and ability to rearrange and group your content provides the ability to choose how teachers and students can interact with the Sway, giving it the space you require and a potential for one click change interaction.

Alongside this, the preview build and Remix features ensure that there is consistent quality design across different screen sizes and devices, whilst still clearly conveying the intended messaging. You can focus on what you want to say, Sway will manage the rest. Try it out at

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