Windows 10 Training videos – Increased Browser Functionality with Microsoft Edge


With the availability of information online and the ease with which it can be searched, collated and shared, it is little wonder that the number of textbooks being distributed to students in many schools, colleges and universities is gradually on the wane. Not to mention the fact that carrying around all the physical books necessary for a multitude of different subjects on a daily basis is never high on a student's list of things they enjoy about studying!

Given that a significant amount of students' and teachers' time is spent researching or working online, having a web browser that is functional for this purpose is essential.

With this is mind, we have reached the point in our Windows 10 video tutorial series at which we take closer look at Microsoft Edge, the powerful new browser in Windows 10. Learn how to search using the address bar, annotate directly onto websites with your pen, improve your online reading experience with reading view, and how to access features using the Hub.

We're in the hands of MIEE Justin Talmadge once more, as he takes us through some of the key features of this aspect of Windows 10:

If you’d like to take a further look at Windows 10, there are several other tutorial videos on the Microsoft in Education YouTube channel that you can watch.

You can also find more information about Windows 10 in Education on the Microsoft in Education blog.

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