Azure in Education – August webinar series with Sol-Tec


Throughout the month of August Microsoft will be running a series of webinars providing IT managers within Education insight into a several key aspects of Azure, and an opportunity to hear from one of our partners with extensive experience in delivering Azure-based solutions in academic scenarios.

Azure Webinars - August

The timings for the sessions are to be finalised, but we can confirm the following dates:

  • Tuesday 11th August, 12pm - ASR (Azure Site Recovery) - please email Lewis Crawley on
  • Friday 14th August - StorSimple
  • Tuesday 18th August - EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite)
  • Friday 21st August - RemoteApp
  • Tuesday 25th August - Power BI
  • Friday 28th August - Oracle in Azure

For further details on the webinars and to register your interest, please contact our Solutions Specialist Lewis Crawley on

With the help of our partner Sol-Tec, we will cover the following areas in this webinar series:

Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) provides automated protection for servers in today’s increasingly complex modern datacentres. ASR not only protects Windows servers but Linux and VMware too automatically protecting those servers using automated replication. You can further simplify your disaster recovery protection by replicating to Azure and still benefit from the simplicity, automation, customizable recovery plans, health monitoring, and orchestrated recovery the service provides. ASR can replicate from site to site or site to Azure. The service is provided on a per instance pre month basis and can be used on a continuous or as needed basis, protecting low use servers in critical periods or simply as a tool to migrate to the cloud. Continuous health monitoring and automated recovery round off an enterprise DR solution that is far more cost effective than a traditional solution or the cost and potential long term impact of a site failure.


Massive data growth in causing storage sprawl which is expensive to both provision and maintain and is time consuming. It is not just primary data storage, providing backup, archive storage and DR add to the burden placed on IT departments and budgets. Microsoft StorSimple is a tiered hybrid cloud storage platform comprising SSD, HDD and cloud storage. In addition to primary storage cloud snapshots provide offsite backup, the cloud tier provides archive storage and the 8000 series’ virtual appliance provides a highly available DR solution. StorSimple can reduce storage costs by 40-60% while helping to manage data growth and increase business agility, let us show you how.

Microsoft Azure StorSimple Introduction: How it works


Organisations are increasingly becoming geographically dispersed with both remote offices and remote workers, who are using a diverse number of devices. Whether organisation or end user owned, the number of devices accessing the corporate network and data is increasing rapidly. While this enables users to work from anywhere at any time and is increasing productivity it is also providing a number of challenges to IT departments in managing user access and protecting the corporate data. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite provides a solution; a single product suite for managing all facets of mobile data access. Microsoft provides the suite at a significant discount against the combined cost of the individual products and if you are current using any one, discover the additional functionality available for a nominal premium. EMS can benefit your organisation by allowing users to work where they want, when they want and on their preferred device while protecting your data and maintaining compliance.


Azure RemoteApp provides access to Windows to employees anywhere with an internet connection and you do not need a Windows device to run them, RemoteApp runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. RemoteApp can be deployed in the cloud or as a hybrid solution using on-premise infrastructure and Remote Desktop Session Host. Azure provides scale, allowing deployments to be quickly ramped up for additional users, and scaled back in times of lower usage, all of which is done without impacting or requiring any expansion of the on-premise infrastructure. RemoteApp is run on the same secure platform that companies worldwide trust with Azure and Office 365 environments and applications are never sent to the user devices.

Oracle on Azure

Microsoft Azure is not just a platform for Microsoft products but supports other vendors’ enterprise applications on both Windows and Linux OS’s. Microsoft and Oracle now provide best in class, end to end, support for customers running Oracle software on Azure. Run Oracle software on either Microsoft Windows or Oracle Linux on Azure and receive full support from Oracle. You can use existing Oracle licenses deployed on Windows or Linux or use the same licensed virtual machines from the Azure gallery. Using images you benefit from the same pay-as-you-go pricing as you would with Microsoft applications. Microsoft Azure provides a number of options for both Oracle applications or Java for developers, whether running as backend application database or as a development environment the flexibility and benefits make a compelling use case and D and G Series, SSD backed, virtual machines provide a platform for large scale deployments.

Power BI

Power BI is a new cloud-based self-service analytics and reporting service that allows anyone to discover critical trends and get crucial insights into your organisational data. Quickly collect and integrate multiple data sources into a single view of your data, and then share your insights across the organisation instantly. Keep an eye on performance indicators and trends from your customisable dashboard, and drill into detailed reports with a single click. Power BI includes Microsoft’s unique natural language questioning technology, which allows anyone to ask plain English questions of your data and get useful answers instantly without needing any knowledge of a reporting or BI tool. Join this webinar to learn more, and see how to get started in minutes for free!

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