OneNote for Students – Working with friends using OneNote [Interactive Tutorial]

OneNote is a great place to share ideas and collaborate with your friends and classmates. With project based learning becoming an increasingly popular method of teaching in schools and college, and group assignments commonplace in Higher Education, having a flexible and accessible collaborative environment for collating, organising, creating and editing content is of huge help to students and teachers.

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We've been posting a series of blogs using the interactive tutorials from OneNote in Education as a basis for covering much of the functionality that educators and student will find to be most useful. The following interactive tutorial guides you through various ways in which students can use OneNote to:

  • Share a OneNote notebook with anyone
  • Edit notebooks together in real time
  • Collaborate on group projects

There are plenty of others ways that students, teachers and administrators can use OneNote every day. Lots of other functionality and educational scenarios are explored further through more interactive tutorials that can be found on the OneNote in Education website.

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