Pythagoras – overcoming the barriers in Higher Education with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This post is based upon a document from Pythagoras, a global Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


With over 300 higher education institutions in the UK, competition to attract top performing students is fierce.

In recent years, universities enjoyed an almost effortless conveyor belt of students as demand for places increased year on year, but in 2012 this trend reversed. Applications from international students have played a role in boosting student numbers, but these have also fallen for the first time in 16 years, suffering as a result of increased competition from improving Asian institutions and from changes in government immigration policies. A lack of strategic impetus in the light of the new challenges faced, combined with an inability to transfer student behavioural intelligence from department to department, will negatively impact some universities’ ability to compete as strategic decisions may not be based on factual representations.

There are several significant challenges within the student lifecycle that must be addressed if a university is to overcome the obstacles of a competitive market and shrinking prospect base. The solution lies in its ability to take on a business orientated approach to the management of the student lifecycle and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is key to enabling this.


The following document is written by Pythagoras, a global Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner with expertise in delivering integrated, tailored CRM solutions to some of the leading universities in the UK, and looks at five ways in which CRM can help you overcome the barriers within Higher Education:

  1. Integrated Recruitment & Campaign Management
  2. Student ‘one stop shop’
  3. Data integration with existing information systems
  4. Maintaining strong relationships with the Alumni community
  5. Utilising commercial relationships to increase revenue and improve the student experience


5 ways universities can drive greater value from the student lifecycle with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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