WEBINARS THIS WEEK: Microsoft Premier Service in Education


This week we will be hosting three Public Sector webinars which may be of interest to college and university network managers and administrators, giving them an overview of how our Premier Service teams can work to proactively assist them to optimise the availability & efficiency of their IT, whilst working to identify potential risks before they lead to costly downtime and how we can support them if something does go wrong.

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When set up and managed appropriately, a college or university's IT infrastructure can be the unsung hero of that institution, the circulatory system that keeps all the other organs functioning in perfect harmony. However, if it is set up in haste or without the necessary consideration for what the tools are capable of or what outcomes are required by the staff and students, then it can be problematic and actually hinder productivity.

We have three webinars this week, which will cover topics including migration to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. As well as looking at how to move to these platforms, we’ll look further at Public Sector institutions - including colleges and universities - can maintain these thereafter to promote a seamless transition from an on premise environment to a cloud / hybrid environment, so that students and staff experiences can continue to improve and the organisations themselves are empowered to get the most value for all users.

Each session will cover the same areas of discussion and examples, so it’s simply a case of choosing the time that suits you best.

Click here to attend the webinar at 10:30am on the 6th of May.
Click here to attend the webinar at 14:00pm on the
8th of May.
Click here to attend the webinar at 10:30am on the 20thof May.

If you yourself cannot attend either of the webinars, please feel free to pass this information on to another member of your team who might benefit from joining the session(s). Alternatively, you can request that one of our team follows up with you via email to discuss the opportunities and options with Premier Service in Education by leaving a comment below.

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