OneNote for Students – Getting Started [Interactive Tutorial]

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We’re continually hearing from teachers who are discovering the power of OneNote in the classroom, both as a way of organising and distributing materials and hosting work, and also as a vehicle for the engagement of their students. A curious combination of structure and freedom, OneNote Class Notebooks give teachers the ability to organise and manage lesson plans, course content and homework assignments in an orderly and structured fashion, but they can do it in any way they want.

OneNote is available at no cost to teachers and students through Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit

The same goes for students and the way they can choose to manage their own notes and work. With Microsoft OneNote, students can create digital notebooks that help them take amazing notes, work with friends, and finish homework faster. However, in order to get the most out of anything application it pays to at least have a basic understanding of how it works and what can be done with it. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the initial functionality of OneNote you then have the freedom do organise and structure your notes, documents, projects, tasks, and anything else you choose to include within in, in any way you wish.


To help you get the most out of OneNote, there are a number of tutorials aimed at students that can be found at OneNote in Education. The ‘Student Basics’ series covers Getting started with OneNote, Working faster with OneNote, and Getting the most out of OneNote. Today we’re going to share the first of these interactive guides which will help anyone unfamiliar with OneNote to get set up in the first instance, covering:

  • Creating and opening notebooks
  • Working with sections and pages
  • Adding content to a page

We’ll continue to post these tutorials in the coming weeks so that teachers and students alike can become true OneNote experts.

If your school, college or university is taking advantage of Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit, you can download OneNote for free to all of your devices from To check your eligibility for Office 365 at no cost through Pro Plus Benefit, simply enter your academic email address at

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