Join the Windows Insider Program to experience the Windows 10 Technical Preview

In the build up to the official launch later this year, we’ve been asking any schools, colleges or universities who are planning on moving to Windows 10 to get in touch with us so that we can tell their stories and provide points of reference for other academic institutions who are looking to do the same at a later date. Since the original announcement we’ve had a number of people coming to us asking how and when they can experience Windows 10 for themselves, so we'd like to explain how you can be a part of the development process right now.

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With the Windows Insider Program, you can help build Windows 10 alongside PC experts, IT pros, and developers around the world. Please be aware that the Windows 10 Technical Preview is by no means the final product, and some features and functionality are likely to change before the full launch later on in the summer. While the majority of users running the Windows 10 Technical Preview are enjoying the new operating system without encountering any issues, we’d recommend that you don’t install it on your primary or only device, for as with any software still in the testing stages, there are certain limitations that may affect some users.

There’s more information about the Windows Insider Program further down in this blog, but for now, the video below features Joe Belfiore, VP of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, talking about what new features are in the works for Windows 10 and what you’ll find in the Technical Preview:


To be one of the first to try out some of these features in the latest previews, which are now available in more than 20 languages, sign up to be an Insider.

What you can do as an Insider

Help shape the future of Windows
It’s where all the action is. Find quests to go on, new challenges to accept, and all the latest news.
Be a part of the community
Download an easy-to-use app to give us your feedback and let us know what you think.
Get early access to releases
Be one of the first to see future updates and improvements to Windows 10 and provide feedback.

For developers

Build great apps
Download a preview build of the app developer tools, which includes an add-on for Visual Studio 2015 CTP, and start building universal apps for Windows 10.
Build great hardware
Get preview builds of the hardware development kits and start creating universal drivers for Windows 10.


Deploying Windows 10 this summer?

As we move forwards in the next few months we’d love to hear from any schools that are planning to roll-out Windows 10 over the summer. One of the driving forces behind what we do here – particularly with our blogs – is to document the activities of academic institutions and the individuals within them, so that others involved in the education community can learn from and replicate their successes. If you are looking to deploy Windows 10 and would like to be featured on the Microsoft Education UK blog, please get in touch via Twitter or our Facebook Page.

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