7 year old boy receives surprise of a lifetime from Iron Man and The Collective Project

Seeing as it’s Friday afternoon we thought we’d finish things off with a post that will hopefully send you towards the weekend with a smile on your face and some warmth in your hearts. This video has been cropping up a bit on social media recently, so you may well have already seen it, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s well worth watching 🙂

Alex is just like any other seven year old boy in that he likes superheroes and riding his bike. But unlike the fortunate vast majority of children his age, he was born with a partially developed right arm. Albert Manero is a college student who builds and donates low-cost, 3D-printed bionic limbs to children all over the world. The Limbitless Foundation, a programme set up by Albert, donated its first bionic arm to Alex, with the $350 materials cost – a far cry from the $40,000 price tag some prosthetics carry – being covered by the pooled ‘coffee money’ of the team’s volunteers.

The Collective Project

But here’s where it gets really interesting… Albert had also been asking for help with his work through the #CollectiveProject, and recently a leading bionics expert got in touch to offer their assistance. So Albert took Alex to meet this mystery scientist…

After more than 40 hours of designing, building, and painting and one very special surprise from Robert Downey Jr., Alex receives the gift of a lifetime – a new Iron Man inspired arm created by #CollectiveProject student Albert Manero and his Limbitless Solutions team. Empowered by Microsoft’s OneNote, The Collective Project looks at students working together to improve the world, and celebrates the journey of ideas into action, with ways for people to learn more and get involved.

To learn more about Albert’s work with Limbitless Solutions, please visit The Collective Project, where you can discover how every day he and his fellow students at UCF change a child’s life with their innovative 3D printed limbs.

And just think, who knows how that child might one day change the world themselves?

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