What’s been your best #InnovationMoment this year? Questions and more, from the MIE Minute

The latest edition of the MIE Minute has been sent out to our Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators, and we’re pleased to be able to share some of the content from this update with our wider audience. Many of you may already be aware of some of these stories, but hopefully there’s something for everyone here.

Introducing OneNote Staff Notebook for Education

Building on the resounding excitement from teachers around OneNote Class Notebook, we have released the OneNote Staff Notebook for Education. Staff Notebook lets a school leader (i.e. principal) or administrator quickly set up a personal workspace for every staff member or teacher, a content library for shared information, and a collaboration space for everyone to collaborate, all within one powerful notebook. The Staff Member Notebooks can be used for professional development, classroom observations, performance appraisals, and parent communications. The content library can be used for publishing of policies & procedures and school calendar information. The Collaboration Space is extremely flexible for use on any group activities like meeting notes and shared initiatives.

OneNote Staff Notebooks

The biggest benefit for school leaders and their staff is that everything that happens in the school can be tracked and shared in one place and accessible across devices (online or offline), with privacy for individual staff members who need to share information just with leadership. The result is organization, efficiency, and collaboration at with school administration that never existed before the OneNote Staff Notebook!

The Question

In each MIE Minute there is a question for the Expert Educators to answer via social channels, so that other members of the community can learn from and be inspired by what their peers and contemporaries have been up to in education. This edition’s question is:

What's been your best #InnovationMoment so far this year?

Here’s an example from Twitter to get you thinking!

Further Reading

Finally we ask our MIEEs to help us share some of the more interesting and useful stories with their own communities, so that no knowledge or best practices are kept secret. Here are the picks from the latest MIE Minute:

Excel Fun - Build 3D Graphics in a Spreadsheet
Super cool blog post from Carl Kadie, a Ph.D Research Developer, on how to create 3D Graphics within Excel! Takes you step by step through the process.

Students worldwide can now check eligibility for free Office from their school
Your students could very likely be eligible for free Office, and through easy self-signup, as well! It's as simple as inputting their school email address.

First time authoring and publishing enhancements for Office Mix
One of our favorite edtech tools just got even better, especially for new users as a first time authoring process was added. Share this with newcomers to Office Mix so they discover this great tool, or try it yourself if you haven't yet!


That’s it for this update from the MIE Minute! We hope that something in here resonates with you, and don’t forget to tweet your #InnovationMoment!

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