First time authoring and publishing enhancements for Office Mix

Last month we published a new eBook – ‘MIXing it up’ – all about using Office Mix to improve learning. As well as introducing the ways that Office Mix can give additional functionality to PowerPoint presentations, the eBook contains some contextual examples and advice specifically for using Mix in education. In the meantime the Office Mix team have been hard at work, and we can now share some of the recent improvements to the editing environment, and new features that make authoring even easier for anyone using Mix for the first time.

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First time authoring and publishing enhancements for Office Mix

by PowerPoint Team, on February 23, 2015

It’s been a while since we last posted, and we wanted to share some of the more recent improvements in the Office Mix editing environment. The new Office Mix is easier than ever to use, with some cool features that make authoring easier for first time customers, and other features for more seasoned users that make re-publishing a snap.

Easier authoring

For customers new to Office Mix, we’ve made it easier to get started with some enhanced experiences to guide you through the process. For example, after you first install (or reinstall) Office Mix, the setup process automatically reminds you to open PowerPoint to see the new MIX tab on the PowerPoint ribbon to help you get started creating your Mix.


When you’re ready to create your first mix, just click the Getting Started icon on the MIX tab. The First Mix Recording template is opened and step-by-step instructions guide you through creating a new mix—in two minutes or less.


We’ve also added an attractive template to PowerPoint called “Create an Office Mix,” which you can access from the File > New menu.  This template contains links to the Office Mix website, which is full of examples and tutorials to help you get started.  Or you can remove the sample content and add your own to build a beautiful PowerPoint presentation or mix.


Easier re-publishing

One of our top feature requests from our seasoned customers was to speed up the publishing process. To support this request, we’ve turned the mobile device playback OFF by default.  By eliminating this step, we’ve significantly reduced the time it takes to produce a mix.

Another top feature request was the ability to edit an existing mix without changing the URL. In prior versions, if you had shared an existing mix, there was no easy way to update the mix without updating the link. Now, you can easily choose to update an existing mix and keep the same URL.


These are just a few of the changes from prior versions of Office Mix.  We’ll be sure to share more features and updates in the future.

Until next time,

Happy mixing!

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