Macedonian Microsoft Expert Educators – Sway OneNote Love

About 800 Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators around the world were assigned to use Sway to bring together their ideas and multimedia that answered one of the following questions 1. What do you love about OneNote? 2. How do you use OneNote to inspire learning? 3. How do you collaborate with others using OneNote?

We’re like to share the winner submission with you, which comes all the way from Macedonia, via Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Marija Petreska.

With her Sway OneNote Love, Marija presented ideas on how to inspire learning with classroom activities that involve One Note. This winning Sway is a collection of 24 learning activities spiced up with some technology and all done in OneNote. You can see her amazing work at or by viewing the embedded Sway below:

As part of this prize, Marija wins a Microsoft device and will also attend the E2 conference in Redmond, Washington, in late April.

For those interested in following Marija’s work further, can do so through the her MIE News Radar which aggregates of all the blog posts of our MIEEs. Marija also contributes to the Microsoft in Education blog with Hot Topics posts about using Windows 8 apps in Education.

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