New eBook – Ofsted ICT in education: Power and flexibility for students and teachers

Great teaching plus great technology add up to great learning. We’re familiar with the above formula. We know, too, that Microsoft, with globally recognised technologies, and an unrivalled record of education partnerships and services, are ideally placed to play a key role in that equation. So, what we aim to do in the following eBook is fill in some of the detail – define more clearly what ‘great teaching’ and ‘great learning’ might look like, and, at the same time, identify exactly what it is that Microsoft can do to provide support.

Office and OneNote

At the end of 2013, Ofsted produced ‘Subject Specific Guidance’ for a whole range of subject areas including ICT. The document heading indicated that the guidance was for inspectors carrying out subject specific survey visits. With this in mind, have created the following eBook entitled ‘Ofsted ICT in education: Power and flexibility for students and teachers’:

Two key technologies will appear throughout this document and represent the basis or platform for learning within a school. The features of this platform enable schools to place their entire curriculum and learning online and realise the benefits of what today’s technology can offer. Both Office 365 and OneNote (with OneNote Class Notebook Creator) are cloud based technologies which enable anytime, anywhere learning across any device. They form the building blocks from which other technologies in this document can be used. They enable learning within the structure of the school day, whilst encouraging real time collaboration and feedback out of it. Ofsted ICT in education The Microsoft Platform.

The Ofsted guidance document contains five headings, which we base the chapters of our eBook on:

  1. The overall effectiveness of ICT education provided in the school
  2. The achievement of pupils in ICT
  3. The quality of teaching in ICT
  4. The quality of the ICT curriculum
  5. The quality of leadership in, and management of, ICT

Each heading within the original Ofsted guidance document has four subsections, for the four Ofsted Categories from Outstanding (1) to Inadequate (4). In each case there are descriptors for each category. For our purposes we look only at the descriptors for Outstanding, assuming that they add up to the most effective ICT policy for a school. We will take each heading, summarise the key Outstanding descriptors and match them up to specific Microsoft technologies.

We hope you find this eBook useful, and would encourage you to look at the other resources on our SlideShare account, which include videos, presentations, infographics and of course more eBooks.

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