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The Microsoft Educator Network offers a number of professional development courses for teachers that revolve around how technology can be used effectively in the classroom and beyond. We believe in anytime, anywhere learning. We also believe your achievements should be recognized so that you can share your accomplishments and knowledge with your colleagues and communities. That’s why the Microsoft Educator Network awards badges for the skills and knowledge that are learned and shared through our online professional learning community, in our in-person events, and in school communities around the world.

Teachers Media International 

One of the courses available to teachers is Teaching with Technology, and for anyone undertaking this particular part of the professional development programme we’d like to make you aware of some additional resources on Teachers Media that will help you in attaining your badge.

Teachers Media 

The Teaching with Technology hub will aid in making the most of ICT courses by way of a range of practical advice and examples, as well as an online forum where you’ll be able to have your questions answered by four digital-learning expert hosts, and fellow teachers from around the world sharing good practice and offering great advice. Video content on the Teaching with Technology hub will offer everything from suggestions for e-safety, to quick tips on making the most of Office 365 and Windows 8.1 software in class.

For more information on these resources, please visit Teachers Media, and to find out what other professional development courses and badges we have available, please take a look at the Microsoft Educator Network.

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