From the Office Blog: Quest for “the Holy Grail of education”

One of the great things about the education community is that everyone has an innate desire to share their knowledge and to, well, educate others. This isn’t just restricted to the academic subject matter, and we’re often finding blog posts and articles written by educators in order that their own successes and experiences will help other teachers and other schools in an pleasingly altruistic fashion.

One such area of technological pedagogy that is seeing a upsurge in community engagement lately is OneNote, which is part of Office 365. Since the OneNote Class Notebook Creator was released last year, teachers and students alike have been increasingly positively engaged, using the tool in a variety of ways including creating class notebooks, assigning and grading homework, and collaborating on class projects. The OneNote team have also been working with teachers and considering their feedback when making improvements and updates to the tool.

Helene - OneNote class notebook 3

In line with what we’ve just said about the inclination to share useful content and experiences, we'd like to point you in the direction of a recent post on the Office blog, which contains contributions from Robert Baker, a OneNote educational consultant and director of technology at the Cincinnati Country Day School:

As we mentioned when we kicked off this blog, we intend to regularly host guests from the education world.  Today’s inaugural guest blogger is Rob Baker, an education innovator from Cincinnati Country Day School.  Rob has been a passionate champion of the transformational power of OneNote in education since the beginning, and we wanted him to be the first guest to share his story…

Rob Baker covers more topics in the post, including:

  • Shared OneNote notebooks: transparent technology in action
  • Digital ink: As natural as pen and paper for students and teachers
  • My mission as a “OneNote educational consultant”

Click here to read the full post: Quest for “the Holy Grail of education”

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