Part Two: Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog top posts – July to December

Earlier this week we posted Part One: Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog top posts – January to June which detailed the most popular posts this year on the Microsoft Schools Blog, based on the article with the most views each month. Here is the concluding part, counting down the top posts for July through to December…

Frog Conference 2014: Microsoft we are partners in learning. In association with the Tablet Academy and Frog Trade [July]
“This year’s annual Frog conference – ‘Frog14’ was held on 24 June, at Birmingham’s International Conference Centre as usual . It’s a great venue, within the same building as Symphony Hall, on Broad Street in the liveliest bit of a lively City. That’s not at all a bad start…”

Top 10 reasons to trust Microsoft in the cloud [August]
”We recently published a document outlining the top 10 reasons companies trust Microsoft in the cloud. While this was written for our business customers, these are still directly applicable to our education community, also…”

Why I chose Microsoft as a Governor and Parent [September]
”As a governor and tech savvy parent of four, Dani Schuchman has begun helping his local school to improve technology in education. Working in an environment which is so exposed to great technology and resources, Dani believes it is vital that he gave back to the community, as he could see how these tools could enhance learning.…”

How A Unified Communications Platform Increased Productivity For North Hertfordshire College [October]
”When integrating a new communications infrastructure there are often a number of factors to consider. Establishing the best fit for your school or college is a process that can be made significantly easier – and more cost effective - by using a Microsoft partner to worth with you on delivering a bespoke unified communications solution…”

Mind mapping for essays – helping students organise their thoughts [November]
“Essays are a process that every student has to get to grips with at some point in their academic career, whether it's at school, college or university. For some lucky students essay-writing comes more naturally but for those who find it more challenging, there are effective strategies that can help simplify things. One such solution is mind mapping and as always, technology can help to make the process more fun and stimulating for students. Having been searching for good mind mapping apps to help me with my fourth year university essays, I fell across Novamind Mind Maps which I've been really impressed with and want to share…”

OneNote for teachers, Skype Document Chat and more from our Expert Educators [December]
”Last week our MIE Minute newsletter went out to all of our new Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators, containing their welcome packs and other useful information. Some of this content is relevant to anyone in education, and we wanted to share these items with as wide an audience as possible, so here are three pieces which we hope you’ll find valuable…”


That’s it from us for 2014! May we take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year, and we look forward to continuing to help push education forwards with you well into 2015 and beyond.

- the Microsoft UK Education Team

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