Part One: Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog top posts – January to June

Seeing as you can’t seem to move for countdowns and ‘best of’ lists at this time of year, we thought we'd do something in a similar vein and resurface the most popular blog articles from each month in 2014 and collate them into a couple of posts to make it easier for you, the readers, to find the content that our audience found the most useful this year.

We’ll be posting a couple of these between now and the new year, so check back later this week for part two.

For now, here are the posts from the first half of 2014 that were the most popular each month with our education audience:

Make a splash with Fresh Paint [January]
“The app I want to focus on today isn't a productivity tool or even a teaching management tool. This space is dedicated to creativity, and what more impressive a way for primary students, GCSE and A-Level students and even university students to bring to life a replication or perhaps a surreal representation of their artiste imaginations, than through devices in education with Fresh Paint…

Office 365 Education in the Classroom eBook (now available) [February]
“This new eBook, Office 365 Education in the Classroom, concentrates almost exclusively on how Office 365 Education can help the teacher and the student in their day to day work. We look at a whole list of teaching and learning scenarios, describing some of the ways in which hard- working teachers might be dealing with them now and going on to show how one or more of the functions within Office 365 Education can make things easier and better…”

Power BI for Office 365 Education: Unlock the data within your institution [March]
“As both the possibilities around Big Data and the manipulation of this data within the education sector become realised, and the long discussed benefits such as personalised learning become a reality, recent innovations in business intelligence tools are making it easier for institutions to unlock their data to provide key and actionable insights for faculty and staff…”

Bringing UK government into the cloud: A guide to cloud computing for the public sector (eBook) [April]
The UK Government is committed to encouraging public sector organisations take advantage of cloud-based computing. The aim is to drive down cost, improve efficiency, and assist the development of service transformation by taking a Digital by Default approach to public services. In 2012, the UK Government launched the “G-Cloud” initiative. This comprised of a Framework for cloud suppliers and the first CloudStore, allowing organisations from local councils to health authorities browse pre- approved cloud products and services…”

Launching Computer Science, The Education Fellowship & Microsoft [May]
“With major changes coming in the national curriculum in Computer Science, The Education Fellowship sought to find a suitable way to launch the subject across its schools. With many students already using Microsoft’s Kodu as well as development software such as Visual Studio through its Dreamspark programme, we approached Microsoft to help us launch the project…”

Wymondham High Academy O-Series video collection: how to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 in Education [June]
”The O Team from Wymondham High Academy have made a video demonstrating how to update from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 in Education using an ISO file. The video is primarily aimed at the students at their school, to help them to do their own personal Windows updates. However, the video is applicable to anyone who has a Windows 7 device and wants to update to Windows 8.1…”


So those are the most popular posts each month from January to June 2014. We’ll give you a break to go and enjoy some more leftover turkey, and post the highlights from July to December in a day or two!

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