Azure in Education 101 Series – Webinar Video


Two of our Schools Business Managers have put together a short video using Office Mix* to help explain Microsoft Azure and how it could be used in education along with a short demo of setting up a virtual machine. You can find this video, along with a lots of other useful content on our Microsoft Education UK SlideShare account.

Any IT managers interested in Azure can watch this video, which forms part of our Azure in Education 101 series, and learn about the following:

  • What is Azure?
  • How to purchase Azure
  • How easy it is to create a new server
  • Resources for trying out azure

You can watch the short video right here, but we’d definitely recommend taking a further look at the Microsoft Education UK SlideShare account to further your knowledge and understanding of what is achievable in other areas of education and infrastructure:

As Graham said at the end of the video, we’d love to hear how you are all using Azure in schools, colleges and universities. At Microsoft Education UK, we firmly believe in the sharing of best practices with other teachers and institutions, and that is why it is one of the main principles of our MIE-Expert and Showcase Schools programmes. With this is mind, if you would like your story told on this blog and our other channels then please click ‘Email Blog Author’ from the list of options on the right hand side of this page, and one of our writers will respond to you.

*Click here to learn more about Office Mix

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