Never Miss A Deadline Again! Student Planner App Automatically Adds Important Information To Your Diary

One area of our company you may not have heard about before is the Microsoft Garage. And no, it’s not where we park our cars each day…!

The Microsoft Garage is a community of interns, employees, and teams from everywhere in the company who come together to turn their wild ideas into real projects. They give you early access to projects as they come to life, and the Workbench has a whole host of apps that are free to download and use.

One that will be of interest to anyone involved in education is the newly released Student Planner app.

Ask any student what the biggest challenges they face are, and it’s likely that organisation and juggling deadlines will be near the top of the pile. Enter the Student Planner from the Microsoft Garage Workbench.

Student Planer

Never manually enter the due date or title of your assignment again! Upload your course documents and Student Planner will extract the important information for you, add the event to your calendar, and store the document to your OneDrive.

Within the app, create OneNote pages for your classes and immediately start taking notes in an organized notebook. All your exams and assignments will automatically sync to your Outlook calendar where you can get personalized notifications. Upload course documents and Student Planner stores and organizes them on OneDrive.

Student Planner is available for free from the Workbench, so click here to find out more and download.

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