How entrepreneurial are your students? Get Started @ Future Decoded

Have your students got an idea to build an app or game but don’t know how to get started? Microsoft are making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs and students to build out their dreams in the cloud. Come to Get Started@ Future Decoded on 12th Nov to find out how to get free cloud services, tools, and training to build skills that will shape your future. It’s where startups meet tech and magical things happen. You’ll hear how other startups are building their business in the cloud. Microsoft’s technical experts will show you how easy it is to spin up new services in just minutes. Most importantly, you can pitch your own app or game idea for a chance to win free cloud services, tools, a Microsoft mentor, and 1 month residency at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, and other great prizes. Register now!


Where Tech Meets Startups

Find out how your students can build and showcase their idea in minimal time using free cloud services, tools and digital skills programmes from Microsoft and partners, designed to support startups and entrepreneurs of all ages. We’re offering technical advice and demos from leading experts on how to get started with

· Web/mobile cross-platform apps & services

· Cloud Gaming

· Internet of Things

Come join the fun, meet the experts, and chat with kindred spirits at the “Get Started” event at Future Decoded. Expand your social network, and learn from those who have travelled the startup journey and are on their way to something big.

We Want to Hear Your Students Story

Your Story: Pitch Competition -- Win Free Cloud Services & Developer Support

If your students have got a great idea or a project that just needs a little help to get off the ground, we want to hear from them. Whether it’s a game, an app, or service – to our expert panel for a chance to win 6 months free Azure cloud services, a free Visual Studio license, a Microsoft Technology Mentor, and 1 month residency at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. Other great prizes will be awarded for top pitches in each category who take part on the day.

So whether they join the fray and pitch on stage, or sit back and simply open your mind to new possibilities, this is a great time to invest in YOU. We bet you’ll walk out with a new perspective.

So what are you waiting for? Get started. Create your own story—and bring it to life. You’ll never look back.

Get Started @Future Decoded. An event not to miss for like-minded entrepreneurs.

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