How you can Improve and Maximise Resource, Student and Business Outcomes!


Hexaware are approaching their next milestone in analytics offerings for education built on the Microsoft platform. Register now!

This event is for those who are interested in harnessing data and research that has been collected over many years about the students, curriculum, assessments and applicants – and How to make it Work.  Analytics in the Education industry has been discussed for many years now, however handling huge volumes of data and data sources has often been a real challenge, which is has been compounded recently with the onset of increased social content. Hexaware has built a model where harnessing the data using ‘big data’ has been successful. The diagnostic and predictive model is built using the power of a modern analytics tool and a big data platform. The information we share will be efficient, supported with quick rollout time using advanced technical resources and Microsoft SQL server 2014.

The use of analytics in education is a relatively new area of practice and research. How can we improve and maximise resource, student and business outcomes? Join Microsoft and Hexaware as they present an opportunity to showcase the Power of Analytics in the Education sector.

This event is your best opportunity in 2014 to find out about and evaluate the key trends and future direction on using Analytics that work in Education. Gain a better understanding how to:

Understand and share enrolment statistics in minutes

Rapidly share insights across your establishment

Maximize your education reporting and analytics with beautiful and easy to create education dashboards.

Many education customers have already started to leverage major analytics capabilities to address a number of scenarios:

Student Enrolment/ Registration

Student Progression

Student Retention/Extension

Budgeting & Financial Planning

Register Here.

When: 10:00am 7th October 2014

Where: Microsoft, Meeting Room #4, Cardinal Place, 80-100 Victoria Street, London, SWE1 5JL


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