Microsoft University IT Camps

Please join us for a hands-on, expert led Microsoft IT Camp “Extend your Datacenter with Microsoft Azure” in London on 17th October from 9am – 4pm.

Microsoft IT Camps are no cost, hands-on, technical training events for IT professionals led by Microsoft experts.

If you are a IT Professional at your University you do not want to miss this opportunity!

If your University needs to scale on-demand services, rapidly respond to your students and faculty, immediately address short term, short notice requests for research IT resources and maintain total control over your data at all times, consider extending your datacenter and choosing a Hybrid Cloud model infrastructure.

Attend the University specific IT Camp “Extend your Datacenter with Microsoft Azure” to learn how your existing skills are applicable to extending your university beyond the capabilities of your on premises infrastructure. At this interactive, hands-on training event, you will gain first-hand experience extending your network using Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and deep dive into key enterprise scenarios like workload migration and networking. You will also explore how to improve performance for storage on virtual machines using the Azure Storage Blob service.

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Meet the Speakers:


Andrew Fryer, Microsoft Technical Evangelist                  Susan Smith, Microsoft Technical Evangelist

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