15 year old Josie Lett shares her new attitude to IT thanks to Microsoft Office Specialist qualifications

Guest blog post by Josie Lett, Wymondham High Academy

My name's Josie Lett. I'm fifteen years young and have spent most of my life succeeding in either crashing computer programmes, breaking the internet (yes I can do that,) and resorting to turning it "off and on" again and praying that it works. I'll admit that I'm not the best with computers, but that all changed after the Microsoft Office Specialist Course.

I'm from Wymondham High Academy, studying for my GCSE's. We have assemblies on Monday mornings, and I have to admit, I usually stare out of the window or count how many chairs there are out. This Monday was different, as it was the first place I heard about the Microsoft Office Specialists, (MOS,) I was immediately interested and it felt like maybe I didn't need the five cups of coffee that I'd had previously to stay awake.

It was here that I was told about the benefits I could get from taking the Microsoft Exams. Having a classification in Office 365, is the second key qualification employers look for. The three exams (Word, PowerPoint and Excel Basic,) also are equivalent to a GCSE and with a competitive job market, an extra GCSE and qualification could mean an employer giving a job to me over someone else. Those just coming out of University and College's are struggling to find a job. Some have outstanding grades, yet are still unemployed. By having a MOS qualification, it could mean that you wouldn't be caught in the unemployment sector.

Alongside these qualifications, the Microsoft World Wide Championship deeply interested me; who wouldn't want the chance to go to Disney World Florida? I myself, am a highly competitive person - I went to sign on that lunchtime.

Revision was tough, but with the help of teachers I managed to learn and remember the information - soon I passed my first exam: Word.  Afterwards, I decided that I should do PowerPoint and Excel and reach for the full potential of these exams.

I've now finished the three exams and am hoping to take my Outlook Exam shortly. The Microsoft course has been amazing and extremely helpful and I would recommend it to anyone. One of the best choice I've made concerning my future. 

Josie Lett - Wymondham High Academy. Microsoft Office Specialist.

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