Unfolding the pages of Createbook – Ch 1 How to start up Createbook


Get your hands on the new
CreateBook app, which is now
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Coming from a creative background with foundations in literature, art and music, I am passionate about technology that empowers students and teachers to enhance their creative output. With the intense level of competition on the job market, it can be tough for graduates and recent school or college leavers to make themselves stand out from the competition.

Createbook is a fantastic tool for students to compile eBooks and digital materials to showcase their creativity and to demonstrate initiative. A finished eBook would be very simple to put on a cv – it would simply require uploading the eBook online via SlideShare or a similar online platform, and sharing a link.

Aside enhancing their cv’s, students could get a lot from Createbook. This is true for students as young as Primary level who could use Createbook to make spelling, writing and general learning that more interactive and fun. And think how proud their parents would be if their kids were to take them home their very own eBook! A little down the line, students could use it to showcase and share art portfolios, graphics or photography portfolios - essentially any illustrative creative work, thanks to Createbook’s capacity to embed videos, pictures, drawings and sounds!

So for the next week or so, I will be sharing a range of blogs that will guide you and your students on how to use Createbook, to both read books and create your own eBooks!

Createbook is now available on the Windows store


CreateBook Reader

This version of the app allows you to be able to open up and read any files made in CreateBook. You have the ability to view eBooks created by a large audience, on a huge variety of topics.



In this version of the app you can read files as well as create them. Make eBooks with text, imagery, sound, video and drawings. Create eBooks the way you want them to be, and then publish them for everyone to see.

How To Use CreateBook


CreateBook is a simple to use app that has been made specifically to be used by audiences of all ages. There will be two versions of the app available. One will act as a reader allowing you to be able to read files created in CreateBook, and the other will let you create your very own eBooks.

Read on to find out how this app can be used, and how you could start creating and publishing your very own eBooks. The guide is split into multiple sections to ensure all of the available tools and functionalities of the software are covered. Get started, and see what you can create.


Starting Up CreateBook

Upon starting the application you will first see a splashscreen. This basically means that the app is booting up in the background. Once loaded you will begin at the front screen of the app. Here you will have a library of all the eBooks you create. Additionally, this is the screen from which you can begin creating your eBook.

The following instructions correspond to the surface image with the numbered annotations. Each number highlights specific functions which are explained below:

1)  Here you would add the title of the eBook you are going to create.

Try and come up with something that is relevant and catchy.


2)  Here you would add the name of the individual who is authoring the eBook.

3)  This space would be used to add the name of the person or organisation to whom the digital content would be

copyrighted to.

4)  You can choose here which type of eBook you want to create, whether that is a landscape one, or a portrait one. All you have to do is simple tap on the file type that you wish to produce.

5)  Tap this button and your eBook will be created and you will be taken to an editing page.

6)  Here you will find all of you created eBooks, and they will be listed in terms of the eBook most recently created.

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