A student/intern review on Windows 8 Notebook devices in education: featuring the Packard Bell Easynote ME69BMP 10.1

Our final devices in education Notebook blog features the Packard Bell Easynote ME, which is a 10.1" touch screen notebook retailing at a fantastic £259.99


What a bargain!

Out of all the Notebooks I've blogged about, the price-point of the Packard Bell EasyNote retailing in at £259.99 is fantastic! Let me explain why: Not only does it provide the full Windows experience for teachers and students, but to sweeten the deal, it includes touch capabilities which has to be one of the most attractive price offerings for a device including touch. Finally, the whipped cream-smothered cherry on the top is thanks to the generous inclusion of Office 365 Home and Student 2013!

This means you can sign into your Windows 8 account remotely on your notebook after school and access your saved personal settings and preferences. You can also of course access your favourite Windows 8 Education apps and study/work away using your favourite Office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook with ease, by swiping to browse, and typing to create.


Great resolution for creative work

What I particularly enjoyed about the Packard Bell Notebook was that despite its slightly smaller size, the screen resolution is higher than most of the other Chromebooks and notebooks on the market, so when I linked it up to my desktop to do creative work, the picture quality was fantastic. It was a pleasure to use, particularly as my eye sight isn't the best and looking at pixilated work for long periods can be wearing.

This could be really effective for students who want to link up a PowerPoint presentation or media they've brought in from home to the interactive board at university, college or school. Likewise, for educators presenting to students in class, the Packard Bell Notebook would be excellent.

The notebook for Computer Science

Going back to the excellent screen resolution, this would be the ideal mobile device for a Computer Science student to carry around and work from as they could simply link it up to a desktop at college or university and enjoy coding apps and creating games with a fantastic image quality.

Additionally, the Packard Bell Easynote has a pretty powerful Intel Celebron N2805 Processor which would pack enough punch to support coding activities.


Ultimately, the Packard Bell Easynote ME along with the collection of Notebooks which I have had fun using for the past week, are a great range of Education-friendly notebooks that I would recommend for students and teachers from Primary up to Higher Education. With Windows 8 and cloud functionality, they provide you with the tools to sign into your Microsoft account and Office 365 credentials and pick up the work you left off on the Windows 8 desktops at school. Finally, their light weight and portability make them easy to carry around, without having to worry about scratching the screen or purchasing any add-on cases.

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