Power BI for Office 365 Education: Unlock the data within your institution

As both the possibilities around Big Data and the manipulation of this data within the education sector become realised, and the long discussed benefits such as personalised learning become a reality, recent innovations in business intelligence tools are making it easier for institutions to unlock their data to provide key and actionable insights for faculty and staff.

Through the evaluation and systematic measurement of student performance, feedback and preferences etc., institutions are finding new and interesting ways to provide more relevant, engaging and unique learning experiences for their students.

Unlock your data

The key to achieving this, though, is offering a way to easily unlock the data that sits within your institution and being able to interpret this data in a user friendly way. Customers across the sector love Excel for analysing data, but power BI tools are needed to truly unlock the full potential of your institution’s data.

With this in mind, we have now built Power BI for Office 365 Education directly into the core Excel experience and enabled more people to discover business intelligence through their data.

Power BI for Office 365 Education


Within Power BI for Office 365 Education, users can take advantage of ‘Power Query’, which offers the ability to search and access key data sources, both on and off premise, all within Excel. Furthermore, with the addition of 3D data virtualisation tools for mapping and interacting with data, it is now possible for institutions to gain real insight and make faster and more informed decisions. 

The video below offers a great demonstration of the power of the Power BI and Power Query tools as part of Office 365 Education. If you have any questions, or want to learn more, share your details in the comments below or reach out via Twitter.

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