CreateBook: Free until the 21st March

Great news to kick start your Monday! The Tablet Academy's amazing new eBook creation app for Windows 8, CreateBook, is going to continue to be free until the 21st March.

Since its recent launch, educators and students have been busy creating media rich eBooks that include video, text and audio.


With an intuitive interface, CreateBook is great for creating everything from narrated story books to multimedia revision guides. Furthermore, with the ability to easily preview and share your books, export password protected content and instantly export screenshots of your books, CreateBook offers a comprehensive eBook creation experience that is proving to be one of the most popular education apps within the 'New and Rising' category in the store.

We love this app and highly recommend grabbing this while its free. Let us know what you create using CreateBook by sharing an update in the comments below. Even better - share your actual books via Twitter @microsofteduk.

Look forward to seeing what you and your students come up with!

CreateBook: Download from the Windows Store today

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  1. R Nelson says:

    Free but can only create native files as afar as I can see – anybody found anything else ?

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