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We would like to bring to your attention a new Higher Education Showcase program that will be tested over the next few months. This is your chance to showcase exciting things that your Students, Lecturer’s and Staff are doing with Microsoft Technology, Devices and Apps.

The program has been designed so that we can work with University’s to help capture exciting stories that can be showcased on our Microsoft Higher Education blog and with other customers.


To produce a video or illustrated blog to show what students, lecturers and staff are doing with Microsoft technology in your college: this can be development of Windows apps, or usage of devices or software! No story is too small.

We want to showcase the great stuff that your Staff and Students are doing.

The story does not have to be long and should not take much time to do, it can be submitted as a short video, a blog write up with a few paragraphs and pictures, or even a quick chat with one of our bloggers so they can write the story for you. Check out the current blog stories to get some ideas!

Here’s one Simon Ibbitt made earlier (blue peter style!) with his Lumia 925 video camera uploaded to Skydrive -

Faced with a situation where funding is declining but demands for excellence are always on the increase, Universities need to pull together to share best practice wherever they can. We would like to help facilitate this activity by creating a platform for you to share ideas and good experiences. Please throw whatever you have at us and we will help by engaging our social-communication engines for the benefit of all.

Please send all videos/content to

We will try to post as many as possible. Good luck and we look forward to receiving them!

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