Mobile Devices in the Education Sector

Mobile Devices in the Education Sector Webinar– 28 February 2013 – Register Here

imageSchools, colleges and universities face unique challenges when it comes to managing the thousands of devices their users expect to be able to use. Students, applicants, teachers, parents, governors and support staff all require access to your systems on different kinds of device. Add to that the rapid turnover and huge numbers of users and you potentially have a monster job on your hands. How do you manage all that?

Our webinar on 28 February, focuses specifically on these challenges and comes up with some cunning secure, automated solutions using technologies designed with identity, mobile and cloud at their heart. We’re pleased to welcome Jude Ndu to our webinar who will describe the approach they’re taking at Sir George Monoux College, London, harnessing the power of InTune.

Managing devices, PCs and applications needs to be effective and secure; the risk to your assets and information if you get it wrong is considerable. Don’t take that chance. Please join us by registering on the link on the button below.

28 February 2014 | 12 noon (UK) | Duration: 45 minutes | Presented by: Mat Richards, Nick Lamidey & Jude Ndu



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