BETT 2014: Re-defining Learning Resources with ITWorx

We’re on the precipice of a major transformation in learning resources. As the Internet, multimedia and smart devices open the world to a whole new digital experience, learning resources are being re-defined, taking on new forms and new meanings.

More and more nations around the world are seeking to develop digital curriculums and are engaging with academic publishers to make this transformation. Digital curriculums are not limited to just e-textbooks but include a variety of multimedia content from videos to augmented reality. Teachers too are reaching out to the plethora of online resources, open or proprietary, and are using tools to create their own unique content. Schools are seeking to mix and match teacher-authored materials, open educational content, and digital publisher resources to produce the most effective and dynamic digital curriculum for teachers and students.

imageTo make this transition to 21st Century learning environments, schools need to consider how the content is delivered as well as the right platform to manage it. This can be done through an online digital content management system which allows schools and teachers to manage teaching and learning resources like lesson plans, lesson content, multimedia, and all types of digital learning objects. With the ability to publish, share, comment, and rate digital objects the platform encourages social collaboration around learning resources and helps define the best resources for students.


Workflow functionalities ensure that only appropriate content is delivered through the platform, be it curriculum content, open education resources, digital publisher content, or even content produced by teachers.

Digital content management solutions give students access to searchable, well-indexed learning content that is selected and recommended by teachers and other students. It means learning is engaging, interactive, efficient and safe. It also means that teachers can tap into a wide array of selected resources and ideas with great flexibility to find, modify, and customize lessons easily and efficiently without getting lost in boundless content. Teachers, even if they’re not tech savvy, can also use simple tools that allow them to design their own interactive and rich lessons.

Now districts, academy chains and single schools can build a single pool of digital resources to enhance communication and collaboration around the best learning content, while empowering teachers to provide a higher quality of education, and allowing students to take an active part in defining the way they learn through rating and commenting on resources. This is the first step towards the re-invention of learning and instruction.

Full integration with Office 365 provides schools with a complete learning solution that comes with secure, anywhere access to email and calendars, instant messaging, group video and voice chat, and online document viewing and editing.

For more information on ITWorx Education digital content management system for schools, academies and districts, content authoring tool for K12 teachers, and digital content eReader for K12 students, visit us at Stand #D250 at BETT from 22-25 Jan or contact us at

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